Marketing / services

At Studio 24/7 our dynamic team with their wealth of experience and expertise in digital marketing can raise your online profile and more importantly increase your sales.

We achieve this through a variety of methods including Social Media, SEO, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing.

Nowadays everyone has a mobile, smartphone, iPod or laptop. If you do not have high visibility on the internet, whether that be on search engines or social media, then your business will lose out to your competitors who do!

Studio 24/7 offer a comprehensive sales and marketing service at an extremely affordable price and you can rest assured that we will raise your profile online through every avenue possible. Whether you are a new start up company or your business is already well-established, with our help you can maximise sales and totally overshadow your competition. The potential for your company is limitless, as is your return on investment.

Marketing services

Social media

Social media does it all! It can enhance your profile as a company, it keeps up communication with your existing customers and more importantly it attracts potential new customers. It is a fabulous way of advertising and of promoting word of mouth recommendation. However if it is not done correctly, then it can have the total opposite effect and lose you custom!

Email marketing

Email marketing can be exceptionally effective if it is done correctly. At Studio 24/7 we diligently plan everything from the all important subject heading to intrigue and entice the recipient to open it, to the visual graphics that will make your email stand out. The content will motivate your customers, so that they will continue and navigate to your site.

Public relations (PR)

Studio 24/7 pro-actively manages your online customer relations. If you have positive feedback or reviews we will ensure they are highly visible to all, whilst we will conceal anything that is mediocre or negative. We can build your businesses a good reputation through press releases and newsletters, as well as raising the visibility of your company directly to your target audience.

Competitor research

It is always best to be one step ahead of the competition, and at Studio 24/7 we will make sure you are! We constantly monitor your competitors, we are flexible so we can adapt if and when the need arises. We never rest on our laurels, we are innovative. We are always at the forefront looking out for, and implementing, new digital opportunities as they appear.

Digital strategy

Here at Studio 24/7 we want to help you not just in the short term, but in the long term also. We want your business to thrive, because we care about our clients. We will devise a digital strategy that will help achieve both short and long term objectives, and one that will help your business progress in the future.


Studio 24/7 have copywriters that are skilled at creating website content that converts visitors into customers. They can write compelling copy for your website, brochures, leaflets, emails or newsletters. If you prefer to write your own content then they can proofread this for you.