Social media / services

Social media does it all! It can enhance your profile as a company, it keeps up communication with your existing customers and more importantly it attracts potential new customers. It is a fabulous way of advertising and of promoting word of mouth recommendation. However if it is not done correctly, then it can have the total opposite effect and lose you custom!

Social media services

Social media kickstarter

Social Media platforms are a necessity for businesses, it puts them on the map. Everywhere you look today you see heads buried in mobiles, smartphones, iPads, and laptops. Those ‘heads’ all belong to potential customers and you can guarantee they will be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or YouTube!

Strategy planning

Imagine walking into a business meeting without any preparation or plan of action, your potential client would immediately think you were unprofessional and take their business elsewhere. It is the same with social media. You need to think outside the box, and have a course of action ready for every eventuality.

Website assessment

We can evaluate your online presence as a whole. We not only look at your social media presence but also assess your website and SEO to give you a full and detailed report. We identify your strengths and weaknesses, we evaluate your competition and then help you plan for success.

Social media management

Social Media Management can be very challenging and no business should overlook it, so why leave it to chance?
How you manage your accounts can be the difference between success and catastrophe!

Blogger outreach

Bloggers that are relevant to your industry can have a huge impact on driving customers to your site. This word of mouth advertising is crucial to any business or marketing campaign.

Social media advertising

We help you to obtain the best possible ROI on your advertising and marketing campaigns across social media platforms.

Training and support

Do you want to know which social media platform is driving customers to your site and helping your business the most?