Web hosting and support / services

Once we have built your perfect website, we do not stop there. Our team are dedicated professionals and we go that extra mile to support you. Our web hosting and support service is second to none, we have plans available that will suit your website whether it be large or small. An array of services to help maximise your websites potential and that will ensure it is a success.

We are available, as we say in our name 24/7, every hour of the day and every day of the year to ensure the smooth running and performance of your website. We offer support in a variety of ways – we can help you analyse statistics to improve performance or implement changes that will further help to increase traffic to your website.

Web hosting and support services

Website support

We continually look after and maintain your website, to ensure the smooth running of it. Every month we will update you and let you know how many visitors you have had. We are innovative and we are always looking to implement new ways that will help you target and attract even more customers. Our ongoing support will ensure success and a maximum return on investment.

Email hosting

We offer a range of email hosting services to enable you to get on with what you do best, look after your business! Email is an essential and cost effective method of keeping in touch with existing clients and contacting prospective ones. It is one of the mainstays of an online business, and we can ensure you are making full use to help maximise profits.

Website hosting

You can rest safe in the knowledge that our web hosting solutions will provide you with a complete range of features, so that your website realises its full potential. Our advanced servers enable us to monitor every aspect of traffic to your website so we can provide you with comprehensive and accurate analytics. It also enables us to answer any ongoing questions you may have swiftly and precisely.

WordPress maintenance

As with everything, changes occur. More advanced methods are forever being introduced and you need to implement these changes to ensure your website is still effective. WordPress is no different, we constantly check for new updates so we can update your website accordingly to ensure the continual smooth running of it.