7 Day Smartphone Detox

We often joke about being far too addicted to our smartphones but being obsessed is unproductive and also unhealthy to our mind, body and soul. When you cant go 30 minutes without checking for texts or social media updates then it’s time for a 7 Day Smartphone Detox!

If you think a detox retreat is too extreme then why not consider a week break from the normal ritual. It’s practical and very achievable to conquer.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on with the week of smartphone detox!

This is the 7 day agenda you need to follow (no cheating).

Delete any apps that you never use, unsubscribe yourself from all those unwanted emails that you receive and unfollow all the people you never communicate with.

Turn off all push notifications on your smartphone.

Today you need to resist all urges to look at your smartphone the moment you wake up.

Don’t look at your phone an hour before you go to bed and charge your smartphone away from where you sleep so you wont get disturbed by bleeps or rings!

Enjoy yourself by going out with friends, family or loved ones but leave your smartphone at home!

No posting to any of your social media platforms, no Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. You can do this!

The toughest test by far, SWITCH OFF your smartphone all day long!

Can you achieve the challenge? If you can you have passed the 7 day smartphone detox.
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