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Here at Studio 24/7 we take great pride in the projects that we deliver for our customers. After all, we know that great design can be an incredibly vital platform for their business to succeed. One of our recent customers that we worked with was Bear Rock Refurbishments and this was a project that we rather enjoyed developing.

A London based property maintenance and refurbishment business, for Bear Rock Refurbishments it was incredibly vital that their website was in keeping with their overall look and brand. Founded in 2012 by two brothers, they have a wealth of experience within property maintenance and take great pride in the fact that they can provide a reliable, cost effective service that always gets the work done.

Able to take on a wide range of residential projects both big and small, they never see a job as being too small and will take on work that larger companies won’t consider working on. This means that throughout the London and South East area, they provide their services to a wide range of different properties and clients.

In meeting with them, we realised that it is important that their website design needed to reflect this approach, they needed to have a universal appeal to all those people who may need to use them, whilst still reflecting that they were a professional and unique brand.

This isn’t always an easy balance to achieve, however, here at Studio 24/7 we knew that we were best placed to find the perfect design for them.

So, just like Bear Rock Refurbishments, get in touch with us and you will discover just how we can help transform your online presence. You may be surprised by just what we can come up with when we work together to achieve your design vision.

Website design - Bear Rock Refurbishments
Website design - Bear Rock Refurbishments
Website design - Bear Rock Refurbishments

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